Theme Indoor Park for Sale in Korea

July 22, 2020

A Korean client came to China in September, 2018, to attend an amusement equipment. The client planned to purchase a set of theme indoor park, he asked several booths, but none could meet his requirements. Finally, he came to Damo booth, he looked through our leaflet, and just found the theme park he wanted. He asked our salesman a few questions about the theme park such as how to adjust the color, how to avoid children's injuries, and how to attract children. From the conversation, we knew the client had made a purchase of 1200 square space in a super mall and he wanted to invest an indoor theme park for children to play. He didn't know much about what facilities to put and where to put is suitable. After communicating with our designer, he seemed relaxed.

                                                                                            theme park

Soon the client finished the payment and was looking forward to our product. He visited our factory and spoke highly of our producing line, where workers were hard-working and active. Damo guarantees the quality and insists quality is the life of a producing company. Most of our clients are satisfied with the products and willing to purchase in our company in the future.


There are many themes of the indoor park, like Ocean Theme, One Piece Theme, Candy Theme, Forest Theme, etc. Damo can make customized products according to clients' requirements. Whatever you need, just call us.

Customized Requirements