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Is roller coaster safe?

July 02, 2020

The roller coaster parked in midair mainly occurs on the lift roller coaster. The common process can be described as follows: 1. Electric control alarm or sudden power failure of the equipment. -Power outages have less and less happened, and most coasters now have backup circuits and even diesel engines. Mostly electronically controlled alarms. 2. The lifting system stops. ——Whether it is a chain, a steel wire rope, or a driving wheel, in short, it will not move. 3. The vehicle anti-reverse device acts. ——Generally, there are at least two groups on a single train (installed under different carriages), and its main components: the designed redundancy of the check hook is not less than 4 times under impact conditions, and the designed redundancy of related pins is higher than 5. Times. 4. The vehicle stops. -This is one of the most common pictures of similar incidents reported by the media.

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