How to Select Kids Carousel?

How to Select Kids Carousel?

1. The appearance of carousel

The carousels must have beautiful appearances, colorful lights, and different carousel shapes in order to give customers a deep impression, so as to achieve the effect of three-dimensional product promotion.

2. Motor selection

Choosing a proper motor is very important. If the motor is manufactured by the materials not up to standard or unqualified, it may cause a rotating horse to be unable to move when it carries full passengers. If it is forced to drive, it might cause tire puncture, motor capacitor burnt, etc. There might be even casualties. whether the above situation occurs to customers or operators, it will not only affect the customer’s mood or cause harm to the body but will also bring the operator high costs for maintaining and casualty compensation fees, as well as affecting the reputation of the company and future business transactions.

3. Design of transmission link

Whether it is an upper drive or a lower drive, the drive is an important part after the motor. The core of this part is the connecting rod. The up and down fluctuations of the two rows of rotating horses are all supported by the connecting rod. Therefore, the connecting rod part must be strong and wear-resistant materials, so as to adjust the imbalance when the rotating horse rotates. In order to avoid the breakage of the connecting rod caused by the inability to adjust.