How to Design An Indoor Playground?

How to Design An Indoor Playground?

1. Objective conditions of the venue

Define the area and boundaries of the playground. Pay special attention to those objective factors that affect the placement of amusement facilities, such as waterways, obstacles, lamp posts, etc.

2. Equipment placement and color

Light, shadow, sun, wind, and other factors must be considered. Another important factor is the color of the venue. The effect of color on children is obvious, bright, and pleasant colors will bring children a happy mood.

3. Ground material protection

Ground protection must be compatible with the game facilities in the area. The protective ground can be sand, safety mat, or sawdust ground, but it must be thick enough to reduce the impact.

4. Material selection for the equipment

Confirm that your supplier has passed relevant national certifications. Do not use materials containing toxic substances, such as wood containing aluminum and arsenic, and other waste materials, such as old telephone poles, railway sleepers, etc. If you have any questions, please check the relevant information.

Pay attention to the development of indoorpark, and find the core point.