Commercial Indoor Amusement Park Playground

Commercial Indoor Amusement Park Playground

Design: ODM, OEM design acceptable

Theme: reading room, supermarket, kitchen, gas station, kids and pet hospital, restaurant etc.

Installation: installation on site

Capacity: 2m²/1 kid

Packing: Bubble plastic film

Warranty: 12 months

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The entire children’s playground is mainly divided into 5 areas according to its functions: reading area, restaurant area, simulation area, climbing area. First of all, the reading area comes into view. The reading area is set with high and low bookshelves and an independent place for children to read, helping children create a relaxed and free reading environment. Upstairs from the ocean pool stairs entered the simulated city area. Here we created a tiny city full of multiple scenes, including the city’s road system: roads, zebra crossings, street lights, and parking lots. A three-story house in the middle has been divided into a post office, a gas station, a supermarket, a small hospital, and so on, as well as children’s favorite house scenes. In the deepest part of the simulated city, there is a favorite place for little princesses, a princess dress-up area, where children can put on a variety of princess costumes, and then take beautiful photos. Moms can also do nail art while staying with their children. After spending time with our children, we can take off our tired bodies and take our children to the restaurant to enjoy delicious food. In the restaurant area, we also designed some transparent climbing paths for children to play in.

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Indoor playground is one of our main products which is hot sale all over the world. Each indoor play center has unique characteristics and functions. The original structure is made by a galvanized diameter 48mm pipe. Commonly it consists of soft play sponge, ball pool, sand pool, climbing wall, trampoline, plastic slide, and other sports games. The unique design will be made according to your commercial floor plan.

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Why choose Damo as your supplier?

Avoid trouble: Damo can provide you the one-stop solution, from the location analysis, design, delivery, and installation, we can be responsible for all.
Save Money: Damo is the direct manufacturer and exporter, there is no need to pay for the commission to the agent and distributor. And for the indoor playground cost, we will also provide you a very competitive price.
Save time: As a professional and experienced supplier, we are very familiar with the whole process. And we have our own factory, the production time is controlled by ourselves, so the delivery time is guaranteed.

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