Best 6 Tips for Soft Playground Business Starting Plan

Best 6 Tips for Soft Playground Business Starting Plan

Design: ODM, OEM design acceptable

Theme: reading room, supermarket, kitchen, gas station, kids and pet hospital, restaurant etc.

Installation: installation on site

Capacity: 2m²/1 kid

Packing: Bubble plastic film

Warranty: 12 months

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Indoor Playground Business Plan for Starting Your Own Business

What Does Soft Indoor Playground Mean?

An indoor soft playground is a place for small children in an indoor area with kinds of kids’ play equipment made from soft materials. It involves playing in a specially designed area with soft surfaces and equipment.

commercial soft play indoor playground

The commercial indoor soft playground center offers a comfortable and safe environment for younger children to play. In there, they can interact with others, and make friends. Besides that, the commercial soft play structures also can be used for kids’ corners in restaurants, DIY stores, and garden centers.

What is Commercial Soft Play Equipment Made From?

All the soft play equipment elements are made from soft foam. They are covered by a strong layer of vinyl. It can keep children safe as they play with all the elements.

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Customized Soft Kids Playground

Indoor customized scene playground is suitable for awesome indoor playground, indoor kids playground, Customized kids indoor soft playground is a safe, environmentally, indoor recreational place specially designed for children to play.

How to Start a Pretend Play Indoor Playground Business Plan?

Indoor soft playgrounds are popular among parents who have toddlers and young kids. Whatever it is hot or cold, nothing can stop children from having fun. So, the commercial indoor playground business is very prosperous it has a giant potential market. Would you like to set up a child recreational center business such as a commercial indoor playground, indoor soft playground area, and indoor playground sets for toddlers? If you love kids and want to always make them happy, and then starting an indoor playground business plan can have a bright future ahead.

soft indoor playground business center

Well, congratulations. You choose a good scope of a business plan that has an everlasting future. It is absolutely an interesting and profitable business to provide an opportunity for children. The soft play center offers an affordable and safe environment where your children can play, explore, and make friends.

Though the commercial indoor soft playground business doesn’t require any specific knowledge or skillset, however, be proficient at management skills is much important and it can’t be disregarded. If you have enough power to run an indoor playground center, then you must start making your kid’s indoor playground business plan.

To help you start the children`s indoor play area business, here we provide a sample indoor playground business plan for a child recreational commercial soft play center.

No matter what business starts, your indoor playground business should create a business plan and offer a variety of activities, games, and equipment for kids. Only in this way can make the kids visitors have fun and good memories. To achieve your indoor playground business plan, here are the steps on how to start a children’s indoor play area business.

Step#1 Check the Local Government Rules for Running an Indoor Playground Center.

Now, before you prepare to start the indoor playground business plan, you must know what business licenses you will need according to your state laws. For the business licenses, you can visit a lawyer who is good at it. He will surely guide you well. If you want free service, you can look for those lawyers who provide free service. Additionally, you’ll also need to check whether you need any permits regarding child care in your city. Generally, there are two basic licenses you need for an indoor playground business.

Doing Business As License: A DBA license allows you to use a made-up name for your business name or logo. Normally, a DBA license usually costs less than $50.

General Business License: A general business license is your city required to register your business and for collecting taxes as you operating. The approximate cost of a general business license varies from around $200 to $300.

Other License

Depending on your state rule, you may need specific licenses to run a child play center. For example, the city of Chicago requires a Children’s Activities Facility (CAF) license for any business with a play center. The cost of the CAF application is $500. If you want to set an area for kids to eat or buy food, you may need to apply for a child-care facility food-handling license.

You’d better contact the local state officials to determine exactly what you need to operate an indoor playground business plan in your city and state. Licenses for any businesses involving children typically involve a criminal background check and other restrictions.

Step#2 Raise Funds & Marketing Research

Raise Funds

Well, if lacking funds, my strategy is following the ways. Firstly, preparing a plan considering where this indoor playground business needs to be built, funds and people involved, recurring costs, marketing and sales, management, accounts, and how soon does the plan meets your total expenditure and starts earning profits.

Second, you could show your project and approach the bank for a loan. Once they were convinced, you will get the loan as a fund. Or you could promote this plan to some of your old and close friends or the investors by telling about the idea and its benefits to society and also to them. Everything has its pros and cons. Please don’t forget to mention the drawbacks of it. Now, if they are convinced they might show interest in the project. And then you can ask them for funding.

Marketing Research

If you want to start an indoor playground business plan for kids, a commercial indoor playground center place is one of the most important factors. There are many ways to choose a shop; the flow of people is the most important reference factor. I would prefer a Crowded Region. Maybe you could make research as follows:

commercial indoor playground

1)  Shopping mall, supermarket, or residential community is the best place for the commercial soft playground indoor play area.

2)  Rental fee for one month: it matters your indoor playground area size.

3)  Make an evaluation of the people flow and the business prospects around the commercial soft playground center. It is very important for your cost return.

4) Check your competitor’s playground area size as a reference and decide your own commercial kids play area size. How many competitors and their advantages? You must know well and know how to win them.


Make a general budget for ordering the indoor playground equipment, rental, employee, and decorations according to you did research report. It is the basic indoor playground business plan.

Target Audience Group:

1)  How many children around your indoor playground center area?

2)  What age groups children nearby?

3)  What games will attract them?

If you need to know more detailed data, please click here to visit our Customer Service.

Step#3 Seek Professional Advice Designing Your Indoor Playground

Before you get quotes for the equipment, making a plan of what the play area should look like. It can be done if you approach a CAD designer. The designer will design an outlook of your best indoor playground business plan. Or you could collect your playground image or video details and ask for the equipment manufacturers. Generally, indoor playground manufacturers will provide free indoor playground business design services. You should provide the area of the site, floor plan, AutoCAD files, and other requirements according to your indoor playground business plan budget.

play sets designing

Step#4 Find the Right Play Equipment Manufacturer

Google it, and choose one of the best of them you like. Whatever bigger or small ones, there are many indoor playground equipment manufacturers or suppliers. So, it is very necessary for playground buyers or shop owners to choose and select a legally registered indoor playground equipment supplier.

You could find one of the famous indoor playground equipment manufacturers in China. We make a unique design according to your commercial playground plan. Each indoor playground design has a unique characteristic and function. You need to provide the CAD drawing of your soft play indoor playground for designing the plan of indoor playground equipment. In this commercial indoor play area design, you can decide what all equipment you needed and where to place them. Besides, the decoration theme needs to match with your indoor playground design theme, so that it is a unified style and leaves an impression on potential customers. As for the cost, it depends on the indoor playground area and the types of equipment you need.

By contacting the play equipment manufacturer will provide you better details according to your plan and the budget. If you were expecting and seeking a kind of new and qualified product, you have to accept a higher budget. To be a wise buyer, you should have an ability of long sight not just saving money.

Step#5 Negotiations on the Indoor Playground Equipment Price

If the indoor playground manufacturer could make the design plan, they are able to offer you a rough playground equipment price when they finish the playground business design. However, if you worked the plan with a designing company, then you have to discuss the indoor commercial play equipment price with your supplier. Here the price is different between different factories. Some calculate the price by the area, while others are calculating by the playground equipment products.

After the price is negotiated, the next step is about the payment and contract issues. After deposit payment is done, the indoor playground manufacturer will begin to produce your customized indoor playground according to what you have bargained.

Step#6 Shipping and Installation of the Indoor Playground Equipment

On contract, the playground equipment supplier should arrange the shipment after they finished your order. You could discuss the playground equipment installation work. There are always two corporative patterns: asking the indoor playground manufacturer to install the equipment or you could install it by yourself. Whichever method you choose, the factory shall provide instruction papers and other guidance. After the installation finished, your indoor playground is a countdown to open.

How Much Does it Cost to Start an Indoor Playground Business?

The indoor playground price will ultimately be determined by how many square meters your area size, how many levels, and what games inside. The average cost of commercial indoor playground equipment, you should budget about $100–$120 per square meter for a normal level indoor playground business plan. The average cost of high-level structure indoor playground equipment is $180–$230 per square meter. For more luxury business plan indoor playgrounds, the cost can soar to as high as $400-$500 per square meter.

luxury indoor playground design

This is not an accurate budget, it is referential for you. Only after you finalize the design, DAMO will provide the exact indoor playground price to you.

How Often Should Soft Play Be Cleaned?

Indoor playgrounds are great fun for families with kids. Germs may still be present even if playground surfaces appear clean. A cleaning schedule is the most important part of ensuring playground safety.

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Usually, indoor soft playground surfaces should be cleaned every day. Even the playground doesn`t look so dirty, it remains a need to clean it each day. If the dirt appeared, clean and sanitize surfaces immediately. What’s more, we recommend carrying out a high-level full system clean every 4-6 months to avoid unsightly dust build-ups.

Properly cleaning then sanitizing or disinfecting will reduce harmful germs and children’s risk for illness and disease. Besides, a clean environment also can help your play area provide the best play experience for the visitors.

How to Clean Indoor Playground Equipment?

The best way to clean the soft playground is using soft, clean, and absorbent cotton cloths dip in soap water. Approximately 2 tablespoons of mild antibacterial dishwashing soap and one-gallon warm water are recommended for cleaning. Clean surfaces with soapy water before you sanitizing. And using a clean soft bristle brush for cleaning ropes and web crawls, and removing dust and debris from plastics. Never use harsh chemicals such as bleach, chlorine, or other chemicals that may degrade or dull the plastic.

Quality Commercial Indoor Playground Soft Play Equipment Manufacturer

Scene customized indoor soft playground is one new coming customized kids soft playground, it is new in the market.

First, we need to know what is scene customized indoor playground, a traditional indoor playground is mainly made up of PVC, engineering plastic, steel structure, and Galvanized Pipe, but the scene customized indoor playground is mainly made up of steel structure and wooden material, what’s more, it considers more visitors’ feelings, designed with much space for each scene, even some resting seats for parents, and restaurant for visitors.

It is a good place for kids to play and explore, kids can fully enjoy the fun of childhood.

Soft Play

With the growing demand for customer experiences, the Children’s park is not just an area to entertain, however also a place for parent-infant interaction and immersive experiences. Designers have abandoned the conventional design technique of counting on finished enjoyment facilities and rebuilt a super client experience that fully considers and meets the psychological wishes of diverse goal groups. The indoor play membership has become not the handiest of a huge parent-baby indoor playground, however also a dreamland that breaks via the imagination boundary among adults and children and a memory album that preserves the good times of mother and father and children.

indoor play set for sale

The indoor playground is very popular in recent years. As the demands of life are improving, entertainment is one important part of their life. You can find the indoor play center in each mall, parks, business street even in the community, square, etc. And you can see each indoor playground is full of kids, especially at the weekends or holidays.

If you want to choose a booming business, please consider the indoor playground center, it is an excellent choice.

indoor playground supplier in China

Why to choose running indoor playground business?

1. Low risk: all of the indoor play centers is made up of soft material where the kids touch. So it is very safe, and for this investment, it is also safer than other consumer goods, no stock, no wastage.

2. Small investment: It is a one-time investment, and with few after-sale services. Once the play center is installed, it will last for over 5 years even much longer, no need to buy land, just rent one place from the shopping mall to build the entertainment center. You can share some incoming as the rents.

3. High returns: for the soft playground equipment, it can contains more kids playing together, and the indoor play area is the trend of the people seeing for family or kids entertaining. Meanwhile, you can also benefit from some other services like snacks, coffee, etc because most of the kids will play over some hours once they enter the play center.

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