Customized Soft Playground Equipment

Customized Soft Playground Equipment

Design: ODM, OEM design acceptable

Theme: reading room, supermarket, kitchen, gas station, kids and pet hospital, restaurant etc.

Installation: installation on site

Capacity: 2 m²/1 kid

Packing: Bubble plastic film

Warranty: 12 months

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Kids indoor play center is a good place for sports and benefits for kids’ health. For sure it is a natural paradise for kids to explore fun things and learn from play.
For indoor playground equipment, the most fun things will be playing on slides, we provide slides on different height and different shape slide. And we also supply the play equipment for toddlers, Toddler play includes many kinds of small toys that bring a variety of games for indoor playgrounds. And it is mainly for kids from 2-6 years old. Toddler play includes different kinds of cars, blocking, electric toys, seesaw, spring ride, and jumping balls, distorting mirror can satisfy kids’ curiosity, plastic house, and similar rides like tree house and kitchen. Toddler play also includes a small size slide, sand pool with toys, and ball pool, some small toys are also good for home use.

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The material we used is safe, healthy and fun. The material of soft play equipment is PVC leather, wooden and sponge only, first cut wooden in a rounded rectangle, then cover the wooden by sponge on both sides and edge, sponge will be glued and nailed on wooden board. PVC leather sewing in the same size then covers the whole surface.

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How to make plan for children indoor play area?

In order to make a good plan, firstly we need to learn well about the business well before staring the indoor play area, Some of our clients’ study information about the indoor playground business for one or two years. The investment for such a huge play area is very costly, so don’t make any decision in rush!

You need to prepare a lot of money, to choose a good location, to manage the staff, and choose a reliable supplier.

The most important thing for running the indoor playground business is the location. Once you got a good place, you can expect the return in the next six months.

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Customized Soft Playground Equipment