6 Best High-Quality Indoor Trampoline for Kids

6 Best High-Quality Indoor Trampoline for Kids

Main frame: galvanized steel pipe

Trampoline surface: PP

Protecting wire net: PET material

Soft case: pearl wool thickness 7cm, pvc thickness 0.46mm

Spring: manganese steel

Color: customized

Application: 5-35 years old

Transportation method: logistics and delivery, cotton and film packaging, to ensure integrity during transportation, no damage

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The 10 Best Trampoline for Kids in 2021

Trampoline for kids is a new generation of flexible entertainment facilities. It is designed according to the characteristics of children and adults who like to play in the open air. It contains various shapes and has a wealth of entertainment items. The trampoline’s softness and elasticity will greatly absorb the pressure on the joints and tendons of the limbs, greatly avoid sports injuries, and is a form of exercise that is suitable for the fitness and entertainment needs of people of all ages. It has safety, comprehensiveness, observability, novelty, bright colors, and durability. It is a highly comprehensive entertainment paradise, which can achieve the purpose of developing intelligence, exercising the body, and pleasing the body and mind.

Like many parents, you probably wish your kids would put down their tech toys and do something physical. You’re looking for something fun that will get their hearts pumping, help them blow off energy, increase their endurance and improve their balance and coordination.

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Application of Damo trampoline equipment

This series trampoline equipment’s venue is suitable for schools, kindergartens, playgrounds, amusement parks, community, shopping malls, fitness clubs, and other indoor and outdoor venues.

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Venue display

Our trampoline is not limited by the venue, can be installed in irregular venues, simple management, novel design, convenient maintenance. The trampoline is made of excellent materials, and reasonable specifications and layouts make it easy to the indoor playground.

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Advantages of choosing Damo company

Factory direct sales: We have our own factory, with advanced high-precision equipment and instruments, low price and good quality.

Material safety: environmentally friendly materials, no odor, easy maintenance, 360-degree protection, no dead corner is more secure.

One-stop service: Provide one-stop services such as on-site measurement, free design, and on-site installation instructions.

Perfect after-sales services: The warranty for the product is two years. If there are any problems during the warranty period, we will arrange the master to repair the product and the product will be maintained for life.

About Damo company

Henan Damo Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in Zhengzhou, the capital of Henan Province. It was established in 1999 and has a large-scale and powerful theme park equipment production base in central China. It covers an area of more than 100 acres and has more than 200 employees. Since its establishment, it has been committed to research and development and production of amusement equipment with market value. It is a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales, engaged in the planning, design and construction of mechanical amusement equipment and indoor amusement parks.

High-Quality Commercial Trampoline for Sale