Soft Indoor Play Places Area Equipment for Sale

Soft Indoor Play Places Area Equipment for Sale

Design: ODM, OEM design acceptable

Theme: reading room, supermarket, kitchen, gas station, kids and pet hospital, restaurant etc.

Installation: installation on site

Capacity: 2 m²/1 kid

Packing: Bubble plastic film

Warranty: 12 months

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This family indoor play places park is located in Beijing, the total area is about 20,000㎡, where the kids’ paradise area is 8,500㎡. The indoor kid park combines a wealth of entertainment facilities and leisure scenes, with indoor water parks, simulated cities, restaurants, large climbing frames, slides, and other amusement facilities. So, how to properly coordinate the functional zone? In the early analysis phase of the project, we find some problems in the previous indoor park, meanwhile, it is also facing the problem of many traditional indoor amusement parks.

How to properly coordinate the functional zone?

In the early analysis phase of the project, we find some problems in the previous indoor park.

Color matching messy

Lack of story structure

Inadequate care for parent

indoor play centre

Color Matching Upgrade

In the water playing area, the designer used a lot of soft colors to create a gentle and inclusive water world.

water games in play centre

The simulated city uses a color scheme with a more vivid contrast and richer colors. The designer uses different colors to divide different functional areas so that the entire space is colorful and arranged in an orderly manner.

role play hourse customized

Improve Story Structure

As the main play area, the designer has turned the water play area into a water paradise. A fierce water battle is taking place between the mini-castle and the chariot. The gushing water stream brings fun and playability to space, The floating jellyfish and the round spiny dolphins add a touch of cuteness.

customized indoor playground

The simulated city was built into a submarine town. The designer used various arch partitions to form a fantasy city with a square and a street. The colorful colors and the accumulation of volume create a different space paradise full of mechanical sense. The children who shuttle back and forth action as residents of the town, playing their respective roles and the functional attributes of the real world can be found here.

indoor family play centre

Pay More Attention to Parents

In the submarine towns, when children frequently shuttle around in the city, taking into account the needs of parents, the designer has placed a large number of rest seats. Whether it is a mechanical chair or a seat that is integrated with the background, it enhances the sense of beauty and also involves parents in the planning of the underwater town.

commercial indoor play center

How much does it cost to start an indoor playground?

The price is concerned by each customer, but you know that the indoor play center is customized according to the site,  the price is closely related to the elements we put in the design, if you want to know the price, please email or leave a message to us.

 No matter how large your playground is, we always have the solutions for you, for the small indoor play area, we have the play structures include soft play toys and toddler play equipment,  for the large indoor play area, we have the multi-function indoor play structures for commercial use in shopping mall play center.

Indoor Play Area Equipment for Sale