Best Kids Playing Doctor Pretend Play

Best Kids Playing Doctor Pretend Play

  • Design: Customize is acceptable
  • Install: Oversea Assembly Engineers
  • MOQ: 30 Square Meters
  • Age Range: 3-15 years old
  • Capacity: 2m²/1kid
  • Packing: Bubble Plastic Film
  • Warranty: 12 months
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The children’s role-playing doctor equipment is for children to pretend to play in the hospital. It provides children with real and fun learning and playing doctor. We currently design hospital auscultation desks, dental clinics, and other scenes.

All products are reduced in proportion to the hospital’s real equipment, which is more suitable for children. The kids playing could help children playing doctor as a kid. He could be a Dentist, a Pharmacy, and a Surgeon.

In addition, all of our products are designed with non-polluting and environmentally friendly materials, and no corners and dead ends, which are more intimate to protect children’s safety.

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Simulation plot games are games that every child will play, and they are also indispensable for learning and growing up. In addition to hospitals, we also have supermarkets, princess rooms, kitchens, and other simulation scenarios. Our products have low requirements on the use of space and can adapt to the reconstruction of various complex environments, and the reuse of some small spaces. If you want to update your existing playground, upgrade the parent-child restaurant or early education center. Simulation scenarios are your choice. While upgrading the level of playgrounds and restaurants, it can also attract more kids.

Playing Doctor pretend play

How to make a business plan for children playing doctor?

In order to make a good plan, you need to prepare a lot of money, good location, staff management, and supplier choosing. Meanwhile, you need to follow the below process once you are ready to get in this business:

1.  Design: 100% customized design, please send us the floor plan in CAD drawing for the new good design. (usually takes 2-3 days). Please mark the information on the floor plan(clear height, entrance, column location and size, washing room location, coffee shop, party room, etc…), the themes could be customized according to your aimed market, budget and interest.

2.  Production: leading time is 14-30 days depending on the design.

We will do the trial installation of the metal and plastic parts before delivery, and we will also provide real images and a 3D installation diagram.

3.  Installation: We can also take care of the shipment and installation. If needed, we can also arrange technicians to guide the installation on site.

Kids Indoor Pretend Hospital

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