6 Tips for Quality Vintage Gas Pumps Kids Pretend

6 Tips for Quality Vintage Gas Pumps Kids Pretend

  • Design: Customize is acceptable
  • Install: Oversea Assembly Engineers
  • MOQ: 30 Square Meters
  • Age Range: 3-15 years old
  • Capacity: 2m²/1kid
  • Packing: Bubble Plastic Film
  • Warranty: 12 months
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Best Pretend Play Indoor Playground for Kids Manufacturer

Kids Pretend play is a popular topic in recent years. Simulated vintage gas pumps are scaled-down models based on real fueling equipment, and we are not only making models, but they are also scaled-down replicas. They have the same voice effects as the real broadcast. There are all kinds of refueling platforms, signs of petrol types, refueling guns, fire extinguishers, and mini cashiers, which provide children with real and interesting plot experiences.

themed kids role playing house

Imagination play helps build your young child’s developmental skills.

What is Pretend Play?

Kids pretend play is a popular topic for many parents in recent years. As we all know, play is a child’s full-time job — and there’s nothing else that instructs his quite as well in both physical and intellectual development. Not only does pretend play give the toddler a way to work out his feelings, but it also helps him make sense of the world.

pretend play for toddlers

Pretend play has many names. The other names are creative play, symbolic play, imaginative play, dramatic play, or good old make-believe. The imaginative play also introduces the concept that one thing can “be” another — a huge leap in your child’s understanding. After all, numbers and words are just squiggles and lines that stand in for math and language. And if something can be something else in a game of pretend, then your toddler can be…anything he wants! Dramatic play is fun, of course, but it also teaches them courage and curiosity.

buyer pretend play

When Does Pretend Play Usually Appear?

Many toddlers will begin to play their first “pretend” games by acting out everyday actions they’ve seen adults do — like talking on the phone, putting on shoes, and using keys to unlock a door.

So, kids pretend play begins from 11 months to 18 months (in typically developing children). The imaginative play starts to change into other types of play from 10 to 12 years. It is very noticeable when children over 4 years old because at 4 years old children can play out a play scene over several days seeing.

When children playing pretend play, they are playing ‘as if’ something or someone is real. Pretend play is a thinking skill. To pretend in play, children need to know and understand the meaning of what is happening.

What is Pretend Play Example?

Examples of pretend play are: being superheroes or dentists in a certain scene, playing ‘mummies and daddies makeup in the mini dressing room, playing shopping in the funny grocery store, and playing vintage gas pumps in the gas station, etc. When children are playing pretend they are playing as if something or someone is real.

benefits of pretend play kitchen

Why Pretend Play is So Important?

Young children learn by imagining and doing pretend. The process of pretending builds skills in many essential developmental areas. Like language skills. Pretend play could help young kids understand the power of language. Besides, when engaging in pretend (or dramatic) play, the young kid could be actively experimenting with the social and emotional roles of life.

dentist pretend play

How to Start a Pretend Play Indoor Playground Business?

Indoor playgrounds are popular among parents who have toddlers and young kids. Whatever it is hot or cold, nothing can stop children from having fun. So, the commercial indoor playground business is very prosperous it has a giant potential market. If you love kids, or wanting to always make them happy, starting an indoor playground business that can assure safety, affordability, and fun, can have a bright future ahead.

No matter how the business starts, your indoor playground business should need to create a business plan and offer a variety of activities, games, and equipment for kids who want to have fun and good memories. To achieve your indoor playground business plan, here are the steps on how to start a children’s indoor play area business.

Step#1. Check the Local Government Rules for Running an Indoor Playground Center.

Before you prepare to open an indoor playground, you must know what business licenses you will need according to your state laws. Additionally, you’ll also need to find out whether you need any permits regarding child care in your city. Generally, there are two basic licenses you need for an indoor playground.

  • Doing Business As (DBA) license: A DBA license allows you to use a made-up name for your business name or logo. Normally, a DBA license usually costs less than $50.
  • General business license: A general business license is your city required to register your business and for collecting taxes as you operating. The approximate cost of a general business license varies from around $200 to $300. 
  • Other License: Depending on your state rule, you may need specific licenses to run a child play center. For example, the city of Chicago requires a Children’s Activities Facility (CAF) license for any business with a play center. The cost of the CAF application is $500. If you want to set an area for kids to eat or buy food, you may need to apply for a child-care facility food-handling license.

You’d better contact the local state officials to determine exactly what you need to operate an indoor playground business in your city and state. Licenses for any businesses involving children typically involve a criminal background check and other restrictions.

Step#2. Plans Your Indoor Play Area

Marketing Research

Before starting the indoor playground, you must make research as follows:

  1. Shopping mall, supermarket, or residential community is the best place for the commercial soft playground indoor play area.
  2. Check your competitor’s playground area size as a reference and decide your own commercial kids play area size.
  3. Rental fee for one month: it matters your indoor playground area size.
  4. It is very important for your cost return: Local populations and consumption level.
  5. Competitors: How many competitors and their advantages? You must know well and can know how to win them. Make an assessment of the people flow around the commercial playground center as well as the business prospects surrounding it.

Budget: make a general budget for ordering the indoor playground equipment, rental, employee, and decorations according to you did research report. It is the basic indoor playground business plan.

commercial indoor playground equipment

Your target children audience group:

  1. How many children around your indoor playground center area?
  2. What age group children nearby?
  3. What games will attract them?
pretend play for toddlers in kitchen

If you need to know more detailed data, please visit our website

Choose The Best Shop Site.

Commercial indoor playground center is one of the most important factors. There are many ways to choose a shop; the flow of people is the most important reference factor.

Prosperous Commercial Center

role play toys

If there are frequent commercial activities, this place can be described as the inch of gold. But for the site selection, we recommend from the first floor to the third floor. Do not on the third floor and above or the basement for children’s indoor playground.

High Population Density Areas

Next to the large-scale community plaza, the population density is much higher; parents with children often go to visit. You know, in such areas, there are all ages’ people and different social classes. More importantly, because the population flow is very large, it is easy to set up a membership card. So, sales will stay stable. It is also to ensure that indoor playground funds could quickly gather up.

Children’s Industry Gathered Area

Outdoor & Indoor Playground Equipment Manufacturer & Supplier-DAMO Rides

Children’s industries include maternal and child shops, children’s food and beverage, children’s clothing stores, infants and young children swimming pool, children’s early childhood education institutions, and so on. If your indoor playground can be opened in such an area, it will be very easy access to the target customer.

High-Frequency Places with Children

indoor play center equipment

Kindergartens, schools, parks are places where children often come and go. Operators only need to do brief publicity; you can easily pull the children to the playground to experience. This can increase the visibility of the park; you can also increase the turnover rate.

Step#3. Seek Professional Advices Designing Your Indoor Playground

best pretend play supplier

Children are always curious about new and special indoor playground equipment, so bright and various color design is an essential factor. At the same time, the special and unique models definitely attract children’s attention. Generally, indoor playground manufacturers will provide free design service, but also you can find a professional designing company to do it. You should provide the area of the site, floor plan, AutoCAD files, and other requirements according to your indoor playground business plan.

commercial indoor playground equipment suppliers

Besides, your decoration theme needs to match with your indoor playground design theme, so that it is a unified style and leaves an impression on potential customers.

Step#4 Find the Right Playground Equipment Manufacturer

Whatever bigger or small ones, there are many indoor playground equipment manufacturers or suppliers. So, it is very necessary for playground buyers or shop owners to choose and select a legally registered factory.

play sets

Check their factory manufacture power, certificates, and accomplished projects anyhow. After all, safety is the most ranking factor for the investment of children’s indoor playground. If you were expecting and seeking a kind of new and qualified product, you have to accept a higher budget. To be a wise buyer, you should have an ability of long sight not just saving money.

Step#5 Negotiations on the Indoor Playground Equipment Price with Suppliers

If the indoor playground manufacturer could make the design, they are able to offer you a rough playground equipment price when they finish it. But, if you do the design work with a designing company, then you have to discuss the indoor commercial play equipment price with your manufacturer. Here the price is different between different factories. Some calculate the price by the area, while others are calculating by the playground equipment products. After the price is negotiated, the next step is about the payment and contract issues.

Step#6 Shipping and Installation of the Indoor Playground Equipment

After deposit payment is done, the indoor playground manufacturer begins to produce your customized indoor playground according to what you have bargained. As the manufacturer of the ride finished the playground equipment, they will arrange the shipping. On contract, you could discuss the playground equipment installation work. There are always two corporative patterns: asking the indoor playground manufacturer to install the equipment or you could install it by yourself. Whichever method you choose, the factory shall provide instruction papers and other guidance. After the installation finished, your indoor playground is a countdown to open.

best dramatic play center


Indoor playground business is not an easy project, but it is also not as difficult as you think. The above content will give you clear steps and ideas for opening commercial indoor playground kids pretend play center. Hope it will help you and Good Luck!

Why Should Choose DAMO Pretend Play Vintage Gas Pump?

The vintage gas pumps equipment uses high-quality environmentally friendly materials, which is non-irritating to children and is designed to use edges and corners without arcs to protect children in all directions. Our vintage gas pumps can be adapted to any playground reconstruction or equipment addition, the use of corners, more suitable for parent-child interactive kindergarten, early education, and other aspects.

Vintage Gas Pumps Model Structure

kids pretend for sale

Vintage Gas Pumps Replica with Sound Effects for Ages 3 and Up

Produce and Delivery for Vintage Gas Pumps

Guarantee the products leading time within 15-30 days depending on the design

Trial assemble metal and plastic components and mark each parts with numbers

Booking container and loading, take photos for double checking

Provide shipping documents within 7 days

Installation and Service

1. Provide 3D installation diagram and instructions for assemble   

2. Sending technicians to clients’ location for installation guidance

3. Offer one years free parts for any damaged parts                       

4. Provide components at ex-works price once run out of spare parts

Kids Soft Playground Pretend Gas Station

DAMO offers various customized amusement equipment including Indoor and Outdoor playground equipment. DAMO amusement equipment manufacturer & supplier is a professional exporter of indoor playground equipment, amusement park rides, and more indoor playground for ages, budgets in China. It is free design and fast service for all budgets and any playground area size buyer.

DAMO’s mission is committed to research and development and production of amusement equipment with market value. It is a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production, and sales, engaged in the planning, design, and construction of mechanical amusement equipment and indoor amusement parks.

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