Modern Indoor Playground Equipment

Modern Indoor Playground Equipment

Design: ODM, OEM design acceptable

Theme: reading room, supermarket, kitchen, gas station, kids and pet hospital, restaurant etc.

Installation: installation on site

Capacity: 2 m²/1 kid

Packing: Bubble plastic film

Warranty: 12 months

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With the growing demand for consumer experience, children’s playgrounds are not only areas for children to play but also places for parent-child interaction and experience. Throughout the design, the car-shaped shoe cabinet quickly aroused consumer curiosity and led them to the next area. The whole city uses a strong and dramatic stage color, which outlines a fairytale-like mystery and weirdness.

Different on original design:

G1 is about play equipment

It is hard to say what is the difference between generations. In fact, there are many differences from the starting point.

G1 doesn’t consider the floor height. All height is the same for the same floor, it is difficult or not comfortable for parents to go through.

About the theme, it is the basic theme with ocean, space, jungle, candy and so on, theme is good for kids playing, but the simple and single color will make the indoor playground look cheap and dull for the entertainment center.

The G1 is lack of play games or only some simple games, so the kids will get bored after spending little time in the playground.

In summary, there is no doubt that G1 is the cheapest one, but all the indoor playground from Damo is safe.

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G2 is about a variety of game machine

The indoor playground which has a booming business always with various game machines, only some simple soft play, and trampoline park will not survival in the market. The biggest advantage of G2 is the variety of the play center. The generation assists the owner of the playground to win the competitors. Also, the experience of the player arises to new heights. Children and parents can enjoy a good time together to cultivate good relations between them.
The color and play elements of G2 has been improved well with the aesthetic.
G2 also improve the wallpaper and decoration and add the party room, furniture, coffee area, arcade games, drinks, and snacks for improving the visitors’ feelings and needs.

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G3 is about imagination.

The improvement of G3 of the indoor playground not just on playability, but more about satisfaction for the player, and what’s more it considers to cultivate other abilities of kids, meanwhile also care parents’ feeling in the game center.

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Modern Indoor Playground Equipment