Customized Kids Soft Playground Equipment for Sale

Customized Kids Soft Playground Equipment for Sale

Design: ODM, OEM design acceptable

Theme: reading room, supermarket, kitchen, gas station, kids and pet hospital, restaurant etc.

Installation: installation on site

Capacity: 2m²/1 kid

Packing: Bubble plastic film

Warranty: 12 months

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With the growing demand for customer experiences, the Children’s park is not just an area to entertain, however also a place for parent-kids interaction and immersive experiences. As the transportation hub of the whole project. The city is both the diversion of the crowd and the intersection of the visitors’ flows. Entering the city, the houses simulating the architectural design of the Potala Palace have increased the streamlined feel of the entire space. The area adopts a rich and dramatic stage color, which outlines the mystery and grotesqueness of Grimm’s fairy tale.

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The designer borrowed the concept of the NPC(non-player characters) in video games and created some cartoon doll installations in a unique way. They were placed at various nodes of the visitors flows, not only carrying the functions of indicating signs or trashcans, but also adding vividness to the story of the space. With the clock elements scattering in all corners and the huge building blocks descending from the sky, the flow of time and the traces of development are expressed in a concrete design approach, which intends to remind parents to cherish the time spent with children.

themed indoor play center from Damo

Why to start an indoor play center?

Indoor playgrounds are becoming more popular and popular because they provide a comfortable and safe play area to the kids and families, and they can give the kids a chance to burn energy regardless of weather conditions. Parents can relax when kids freely explore fun games and role-play activities.
Parents also want their kids away from the TV, computer, and phone screens. The Chinese child spends five to eight hours a day in front of a screen. It is very harmful to their eyes, and limit their physical activities. In order to help the kids get healthy and away from the screen, it is the perfect way to set up an indoor playground.
The indoor playground business could be highly profitable in areas where there is a large population of kids. And the indoor playground is not affected by the weather, especially in the summer and winter, the business is more prosperous because the outdoor is not suitable for kids playing.

customized kids soft play equipment set for sale

What shall we do before opening the new playground?

Market Research and location choose:

1. How many kids are in your community?

2. Is there enough space for opening a playground?

3. Are there many tourists in this area?

4. What is your strength over your competitors?

indoor play center-slide and ball pool
Customized Kids Soft Playground for Sale