Kids Mini Excavator Rides

Kids Mini Excavator Rides

  • Voltage: 220v 50Hz
  • Capacity: 1 kid
  • Rotary degree: 90°/ 180°
  • Size: 3.2m*1.85m*0.95m
  • Weight: 270kg
  • Working time: 8hours
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The kids excavator is electric-hydraulic amusement equipment, which is mainly composed of a lower chassis, an upper chassis, a boom, an arm, a bucket, a power unit, a control unit, a slewing bearing, a swing motor, a hydraulic cylinder, and an electronic auxiliary control system. The speed is slow and the control ability is strong. The children’s excavator is generally powered by a motor, which drives the hydraulic pump to work through the control unit to distribute the pressure to a single hydraulic cylinder, which is roughly the same as the engineering excavator. Children’s excavators are mainly used in playgrounds, shopping malls, experience halls, and science museums to provide a real experience for adults or children to operate excavators.

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Children’s excavator is an experience-driven electro-hydraulic full simulation amusement device customized for children. It has all the functions of excavator work. The realistic appearance and real experience bring strong interest to children. Suitable for parents and children to participate together, it can cultivate children’s overall coordination ability, and let children experience the feeling of operating excavators. Children’s excavators are suitable for densely populated places such as park playgrounds, juvenile palaces, living squares, and communities.

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Fiberglass Making Process

High quality amusement rides
High quality amusement rides
High quality amusement rides
Kids Excavator