How to Decorate Children's Theme Park by Color?

July 17, 2020

Take a look at the children's area in the Dutch H&M Rotterdam flagship retail store, the children's activity area in the German Loop 5 shopping mall with the aerospace theme. We can understand that we use natural and environmentally friendly organic materials to develop unique themes for each activity area, and to adjust the lighting effects in accordance with the characteristics of the venue, focusing on the color matching and the fun and interaction of the amusement facilities, which all are elements to construct children's business scene design experience.


There is a small block of children's amusement park in southern Stockholm, Sweden. The design of the amusement facilities inside is inspired by various fruits, such as banana slides, strawberry runners, cherry swings, orange seesaws, and watermelon climbing frames. Interesting design techniques also apply to children's activity areas in shopping malls. The children's playground in the "Nova Eventis Aquatic Fantasy Castle" shopping mall in Germany designed a variety of soft material rides, as well as marine life-shaped wall decorations and toys, etc., even in the parking passage. The shape of the shell makes the child feel like being in the underwater world.


For children aged from 0 to 3, the color and pattern design of the children's activity area can be added with enlightening color patterns. It is best to use simple, clear colors such as red, yellow, blue, and green to avoid using too bright colors to stimulate children's vision. The pattern can be connected with the image of the sun, moon, stars, flowers, and grass in nature, such as the moon-shaped lamp hanging on the ceiling, inspiring children's preliminary understanding of colors and objects. For example, the Singapore Sentosa Candy Mall is a vibrant design composed of brightly colored wave candy, cartoon airplanes, etc.


Children over 3 years old have gradually got obvious personal preferences in terms of colors and patterns. For example, most boys like blue, light yellow, and green, and girls prefer pink and purple. Therefore, the walls, channels, toys, etc. of the children's activity area can use the colors they like as much as possible. However, the density of colors should still be grasped. Too bright colors often make children in them feel uneasy. The gate design of children's activity venues, the roads in the venues, and even the setting of small barricades should be eye-catching and simple in shape so that children can easily reach the area they want to go.

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