The Most Exciting Amusement Facility in Theme Park

July 17, 2020

According to the investigation, it is supposed that big pendulum is the most exciting facility in the theme park. One of the interviewers said he would never play this equipment again. He could not bear the weightlessness. When he was sent to the highest point, he felt pale and could hardly say a word. As the machine gradually rose to the top, all of a sudden, it fell down to the ground and he almost vomited.


The big pendulum is not only a large-scale amusement equipment, commonly seen in major amusement parks, but also a new type of amusement equipment popular in the world. The equipment is beautiful in shape, scientific in structure and magnificent. The super big pendulum is a particularly popular item in the playground. 


Visitors sit in a round cockpit, facing outward. Usually, the big pendulum uses the shoulder as a safety restraint, and a safety belt as a secondary insurance. While the cockpit rotates, the main shaft of the hanging cockpit makes a single pendulum movement driven by the motor. The operation of the big pendulum can make the tourists on it thrilling. Big pendulum belongs to stimulating amusement equipment.


Compared with roller coaster, the big pendulum is much more exciting. Roller coaster usually costs 1.5-2 minutes, a short period. While, pendulum costs 3 minutes, much longer than coaster. During the pendulum period, people can experience thrilling time many times. As for roller coaster, only twice. When the pendulum begins to roll and swing, people feel like flying and weightless. After several times of this experience, people start to feel dizzy, even some of them just want to vomit.

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