Parent-Child Tour Trend for the Theme Park

July 03, 2020

  At present, with the development of world’s economy, the improvement of people's living standards and the acceleration of urbanization, theme parks are gradually becoming one of the main choices for people to go out for leisure and entertainment.


  On the occasion of the International Children's Day on June 1, the big data of domestic parent-child travel published by many online travel platforms, such as Tongcheng Travel and Ma Honeycomb Travel Network, show that domestic parent-child travel theme parks are the most popular, followed by zoos/ocean pavilions, cities Leisure and sightseeing, Water World, Museum/Science Museum, etc.


  With the continuous improvement of market awareness, parent-child travel has gradually become the "just need" of my country's resident families, especially in winter and summer vacations. Among them, summer is the absolute peak season of parent-child travel (traffic travel) and parent-child travel (tourism vacation) during the year. More than 30% of the annual passenger traffic is distributed in July and August.


  The “Parents and Children Tour Consumption Report 2020”  shows that the theme park of parent-child travel is most popular, accounting for 22.6%, the zoo/oceanium 16.5%, urban Leisure tourism accounts for 15.7%, Water World accounts for 15.6%, and Museums/Science Museum accounts for 13.7%. Overall, the popular travel themes of parent-child travel are more in line with the cognitive characteristics of children under the age of 12, and fun and knowledge are the two most prominent preferences.

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