Cute Clown Train Ride for Sale

Cute Clown Train Ride for Sale

Locomotive size: 3.4*1.2*2.15m

Cabin size: 1.6*1.0*2.11m

Battery: 5pcs 12v 150Ah

Power: 2200w/60v

Speed: 15-20km/hour

Max distance: 100km(8-10hours)

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Clown Train Introduction

Clown trackless train chooses the new design clown shape. Each train has been carefully crafted, and the simulated decorative pieces are like an art treasure. With the joyful music, the atmosphere is very lively and the theme is clear. It is very popular among tourists, especially children.

The clown train amusement equipment is easy to operate, its appearance style is changeable, the image is realistic, it is very beautiful, it has higher ornamental value, the style is more cartoon, the car is beautiful and elegant but it is not innocence, plus the cute animal shape on the top of the carriage, when the train is slowly starting, for the children, it is really joyful to stimulate the mysterious color.

clown train

Clown Train for Sale in Damo

The trackless tourist train is suitable for kids and family, it usually consists of one locomotive and several coaches, the coach quantity can be ordered according to your demands. Clown train amusement equipment is suitable for use in amusement parks such as parks, tourist attractions, indoor and outdoor playgrounds.

Our trackless train has been exported to many countries, such as Russia, Uzbekistan, Pakistan, India, Bahrain, South Africa, Nigeria, and other countries and regions. Our tourist train has achieved lots of high comments from our customers. Buy trackless train from Damo is your best choice, we are the direct trackless train supplier, so the good price will be given to all our customers. Meanwhile, you will also enjoy one-stop services, including customized design, production, shipment, and installation.

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Advantages of Damo Clown Train

Electric clown train makes little noise and pollution, it can be also used indoor, like the shopping mall. It is easy to be operated by kids and adults. It is easy to change operating places, like a carnival. It is cheaper than the park track train and diesel trackless train. It is easy to maintain for its simple structure Coach quantity can be customized.               

Widely used in any indoor and outdoor places, like the indoor play center, shopping mall, amusement park, tourist places, carnival, and any other entertainment places. Themes of the trains and colors of the trains can be also customized according to clients’ interests.

In the past two years, with the growth of consumer demand for tourism and entertainment, the market development of amusement facilities has turned positive. The trackless sightseeing train has won the market’s favor because of its appearance, game experience, and practical utility of entertainment and transportation. However, many people’s understanding of the amusement equipment trackless train is still relatively single or one-sided. Now, the trackless trains are often seen in big malls and amusement parks. Children are willing to enjoy the trains and get a lot of fun without paying too much and parents are happy to spend a little money to see their children’s smiles.

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Clown Train Fiberglass Making Process

Clown train materials used are made from 196 epoxy craft resin +04 platinum fabric. In order to make the details of FRP perfectly, we all adopt the traditional manual grinding method. It took 8 hours to make a fiberglass reinforced plastic model. Usually, polishing one set of clown train will take 22 days. We not only compare the thickness but also toughness.

We all use the national standard steel, and all electrical components are from listed company Chint Electric. What’s more, our core components-Wannan Motor, is a well-known domestic brand. Slewing supports are from well-known brands in Xuzhou, Jiangsu. Without letting go of any details, one screw is all 8.8 grade high strength.

Clown train has undergone rigorous design and calculation, and the design is more reasonable.

Outdoor & Indoor Playground Equipment Manufacturer & Supplier-DAMO Rides
Outdoor & Indoor Playground Equipment Manufacturer & Supplier-DAMO Rides
Outdoor & Indoor Playground Equipment Manufacturer & Supplier-DAMO Rides

About Damo

Damo is an internationally renowned manufacturer of amusement equipment. Customers are spread all over the world. Every customer who cooperates with us is very satisfied with our products. They think that the cost performance is high and the quality is guaranteed, and they have gradually become us. Old customers, they also introduced us to many new customers, achieving a win-win result.

Damo has its own design team and skilled workers. These employees have many years of manufacturing experience and have strict requirements for details. Each processing step is strictly in accordance with the processing requirements. As a leading manufacturer in the entertainment industry, the quality of Damo is strictly controlled, and we take it seriously in every process. Damo not only produces a variety of amusement facilities, but also undertakes the planning and design of large-scale playgrounds, and the customization of indoor scenes are our characteristics.