Dodgem Bumper Cars

Dodgem Bumper Cars

  • Voltage: 48V
  • Power: 230W
  • Size: 1.925m*1.1m*0.9m
  • Capacity: 2 persons
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Ground grid bumper cars need a floor that is fixed on the ground, no need battery to charge. Ground grid bumper cars include three parts: bumper cars, floor, and electric control box. One bumper car covers about 20 square meters, we can recommend the number of bumper cars and floor for you according to your area.

Dodgem bumper car is one kind of bumper car which uses a conductive floor, it consists of bumper cars, floor, and controller. It can be used longer than the battery model.

floor pick-up bumper car

The dodgem bumper car is the most popular amusement rides for kids and adults. Damo is the professional manufacturer and supplier of bumper cars, there are the different shapes of amusement rides bumper car for your selection, for a 6-light model, 8-light model, classic model, etc.

dodgem cars

In order to buy a dodgem car, you should have knowledge of bumper cars, then you can choose the suitable one for your project. Which kind of bumper car do you want to buy? There are three types of bumper cars for your choice, battery type, floor pick-up bumper car, antenna bumper car, and spin zone bumper car.

As a professional and leading manufacturer in the amusement industry, Damo quality is strictly controlled, and we are serious in each process. The amusement equipment is made up of Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic(FRP), steel, and electrical components, let’s see what we use in each part.

bumper car process with high quality control
Dodgem Bumper Cars