Vivid Great Flying Bird in Space Ride Supplier

Vivid Great Flying Bird in Space Ride Supplier

  • Diameter: 10m
  • Height: 6m
  • Power: 12kw
  • Voltage: 380V
  • Capacity: 32P
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Definition of the Space Bird Ride

Space Bird Ride is the 2019 new coming ride. It’s one of the best self-control amusement facilities. Once finishing the install, it is welcomed by all kids. The equipment had 6 arms connected to 6 birds which can be up and down, and each bird can take 2 people. It is very suitable for family passengers. One bird cabin can just carry one adult and one kid. Very convenient for large families.

The color of the whole ride can be customized according to the clients’ requirements. There are different kinds of appearances for clients to choose from. The cute and colorful appearance can always attract kids’ attention.

space bird

Application of the Best Space Bird Ride for Sale

Each cabin can seat two people, with a self-control lift, and children usually sit inside, beautiful music playing around, comfortable and relaxed. Self -control plane covers a small area. So it’s very popular in outdoor amusement parks. Large amusement parks are willing to take advantage of the ride to attract more people and thus increase better profits.

The middle pillar of Damo space bird ride is like a lighthouse. Space bird ride’s arms are equipped with colorful lights. Each arm is a bird in the wings flying. As the space bird ride occupies less space, it is very easy to operate. Some malls are interested in the facility, and they think it easy to install such a machine. Now, the space bird ride is getting more and more popular.

Space Bird Flying Rides VS Self-Control Flying Elephant Rides

Both the space bird and flying elephant are self-control amusement facilities, and they have similar materials and operation methods. Of course, they have differences too.

  1. The space bird ride occupies less space than the flying elephant, so the space bird is easier and more suitable to be installed in amusement parks with less area.
  2. The space bird has different shapes of the bird and it’s more colorful than the elephant. As is known, color can influence people’s decisions.
  3. According to the size of the two facilities, the space bird ride is much easier to control for kids.
  4. The self-control flying elephant is suitable for amusement parks with enough space. As the cartoon role is really vivid and cute, it can attract kids from 4 to 6 years old.
  5. Each has its own features. Usually, large amusement parks have both of them and put them in different areas of the park.

Damo Space Bird Ride Features

1. Space bird ride is a new product developed by Damo company, with a novel design. Damo space bird ride accepts any customization.

2. Space bird ride is equipped with seat belts. Good safety performance.

3. Low investment, high rate of return.

4. Damo is a professional amusement equipment company, has its own factory. Damo location superior, the environment is beautiful. Damo company close to the international airport, so the exit is convenient.

5. Damo has abundant experiences and gains a high evaluation.

Outdoor & Indoor Playground Equipment Manufacturer & Supplier-DAMO Rides

Damo Adopts High-Quality Materials

Materials used are made from 196 epoxy craft resin +04 platinum fabric. In order to make the details of FRP perfectly, we all adopt the traditional manual grinding method. It took 8 hours to make a fiberglass reinforced plastic model. Usually, polishing one set of 16 seat carousel will take 26 days. We not only compare the thickness but also toughness.

We all use the national standard steel, and all electrical components are from listed company Chint Electric. What’s more, our core components-Wannan Motor, is a well-known domestic brand. Slewing supports are from well-known brands in Xuzhou, Jiangsu. Without letting go of any details, one screw is all 8.8 grade high strength.

Each product has undergone rigorous design and calculation, and the design is more reasonable.

About Damo Company

DAMO company produces various types of amusement facilities with beautiful appearance and high playing value. We develop new products to increase tourists’ sense of freshness and experience and create a unique amusement park. Damo products have constantly won high praise from customers. Our service philosophy is to think from the perspective of customers and try to make rides that satisfy customers.

As a professional and leading manufacturer in the amusement industry, our quality is strictly controlled, and we are serious in each process. The amusement equipment is made up of Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic(FRP), steel, and electrical components, let’s see what we use in each part.

Damo can customize the products according to the clients’ requirements such as colors, shapes, and functions. With large investments in the technology research, Damo has been advancing steadily. We have our own group of engineers and experienced workers to design and produce. Damo puts quality at first, and insists quality is the core competiton among the competitors.

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