Popular Self-control Flying Snoopy in Space Ride

Popular Self-control Flying Snoopy in Space Ride

Area Covered: 12m

Equipment Height: 3.8m

Rotating Diameter: 10.5m

Speed: 1.9m/s

Cabin No.: 8 pieces

Capacity: 16 persons

Power: 12KW

Voltage: 380V

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Definition of Self-control Flying Snoopy Rides

Self-control Flying Snoopy Rides is a new type of amusement project developed by Henan Damokq Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. based on the principle of the self-controlled airplane and combined with the elements of the series of films “Snoopy”, the rotating Snoopy will take you to the sky. With the control device inside, everyone can control the height of Snoopy’s flight, go up and down. It’s super dreamy and awesome.

Flying Snoopy Rides

Features of Flying Snoopy Rides

Flying Snoopy rides has a vivid and lovely appearance, milky white, black stripes, head: the head is wide but not big, the headcover is round, the forehead is obvious, the lines are straight and powerful, the nostrils are wide and sharp, and the nose is black, The teeth are scissors bite. The chubby flying Snoopy is very cute, sitting in the cockpit can be controlled by himself, or ascending or flying at low altitude, tourists and Snoopy soar in the sky for their own use. The design of Flying Snoopy amusement equipment is dreamy, very contemporary, and full of stories. It is a new model in the downstream music equipment, and it is revolutionary modeling in the amusement equipment industry.

Flying Snoopy self-control rides make people willing to try and feel extraordinary. It is a good choice of large scenic spots and playgrounds. It is an indispensable main amusement project in the overall planning of large parks. It has a significant effect on increasing the popularity of tourists and the effectiveness of collocation.

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Application for Flying Snoopy Rides

Flying Snoopy, this new type of amusement equipment is very popular in playgrounds. This kind of equipment is often seen in outdoor playgrounds and some large indoor playgrounds. Due to its cute appearance and self-controllable characteristics, many families will choose this device to play with. You will see a special scenery Many children like the characters of the device, giving people a sense of closeness.

As a companion of human, pet dogs have been with humans for many years, and have long been tied to human lives. This device is based on Snoopy’s image, one to one. Restore the character. The color and appearance are close to the prototype, giving a very real feeling. The equipment is very operability, easy to control, can be raised and lowered autonomously, and feel the joy of flying; it is very suitable for families with children to play, parents do not need to worry too much about the safety of their children, and can play with confidence.

Compared with the self-controlled plane, Flying Snoopy is more distinctive. The distinctive character and the fineness of the colors all add a lot to it. A self-controlled aircraft is ordinary self-controlled amusement equipment, which does not have enough characteristics in innovation. It belongs to the early self-controlled amusement, but it is also a very stable product.


1. Before the equipment is operated, visitors are requested to give valuables they carry with them to family and friends for safekeeping, or put them in a locker to avoid falling or losing during the game;

2. Please take the seat according to the instructions of the security officer and follow the requirements of the security officer; since you can control by yourself, please follow the instructions and do not press randomly;

3. For families with children, please regulate the behavior of children to avoid accidental injury

Before the operation, make sure that all tourists have been seated safely before starting; the equipment can be used after trial operation testing.

Fiberglass Making Process

fiberglass reinforced plastic of amusement equipment
fiberglass of amusement rides
high quality fiberglass of funfair rides

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Damo has its own design team and skilled workers. These employees have many years of manufacturing experience and have strict requirements for details. Each processing step is strictly in accordance with the processing requirements. As a leading manufacturer in the amusement industry, the quality of products is strictly controlled, and we take it seriously in every process. Damo not only produces a variety of amusement facilities, but also undertakes the planning and design of large-scale playgrounds, and the customization of indoor scenes are our characteristics.