Great Green Caterpillar Kids Roller Coaster

Great Green Caterpillar Kids Roller Coaster

  • Voltage: 220v
  • Power: 3kw
  • Size: Customized
  • Working: height 1.85m
  • Area size: 18m*12m
  • Capacity: 12P
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Fruit Roller Coaster Definition

The worm roller coaster is kind of the roller coaster, but small and not too thrill, The main body of this equipment is a large green worm shape, suitable for playgrounds, squares, parks, etc. Indoor and outdoor playgrounds; it is made of high-quality FRP material, which is environmentally friendly, corrosion-resistant, stable, and beautiful. It is very popular among children. It is a ride similar to a dragon roller coaster.

Fruit Roller Coaster Structure

A basic fruit roller coaster structure includes climbing, sliding, and reversing (the children’s roller coaster does not reverse). The track design is not necessarily a complete loop, but it can also be designed to move back and forth on the track. Each carriage of most roller coasters can accommodate 2 people, 4 people, or 6 people and 8 people. These cars are connected to each other by hooks, just like a train. At the most basic level, a roller coaster is nothing but a machine that uses gravity and inertia to make a train journey along a winding track.

fruit roller coaster

Fruit Roller Coaster for Sale

Damo fruit roller coaster is made of Fiber Reinforce Plastic and stainless steel. The advantages of fruit roller coasters are cheaper and safer. Damo products have an attractive appearance, kids, and adults also like to ride. It is always composed of 18 sets. Fruit roller coasters are the classic amusement park equipment, which is the most popular in the amusement parks, carnivals, funfairs, theme parks, indoor and outdoor playground, backyard, school, etc.. The fruit roller coaster is moving on the track with ups and downs, sometimes through the orange and other fruit. Riders are very excited when the roller coaster is riding.

Outdoor & Indoor Playground Equipment Manufacturer & Supplier-DAMO Rides

Where You Can Experience The Most Exciting Process

The last car of the fruit roller coaster is the most exciting gift the roller coaster gives to brave passengers. In fact, the feeling of descent is most intense in the rear carriage of the roller coaster. Because the last car passes the highest point faster than the car at the head of the roller coaster, this is due to gravity acting on the center of mass in the middle of the roller coaster.

In this way, the person in the last carriage can quickly reach and cross the highest point, which will produce a feeling of being thrown away because the center of mass is accelerating. The wheels of the rear carriage are firmly buckled on the track, otherwise the small carriage may derail and fly out when it reaches the peak.

Fruit Dragon Roller Coaster Quality

Damo uses the best quality material through national certification. Advanced environmental protection paint technology. Damo designs are the latest and very popular with tourists. But we will give you a big discount and look forward to your future work.

As a professional and leading manufacturer in the amusement industry, our quality is strictly controlled, and we are serious in each process. The amusement equipment is made up of Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic(FRP), steel, and electrical components, let’s see what we use in each part.

Fiberglass Making Process

Materials of the fruit roller coaster are made from 196 epoxy craft resin +04 platinum fabric. In order to make the details of FRP perfectly, we all adopt the traditional manual grinding method. It took 8 hours to make a fiberglass reinforced plastic model. Usually, polishing one set of 16 seat carousel will take 26 days. We not only compare the thickness but also toughness.

China Outdoor & Indoor Playground Equipment Manufacturer & Supplier-DAMOKQ
China Outdoor & Indoor Playground Equipment Manufacturer & Supplier-DAMOKQ
China Outdoor & Indoor Playground Equipment Manufacturer & Supplier-DAMOKQ

Mechanical Transmission Process

Damo all uses the national standard steel, and all electrical components are from listed company Chint Electric. What’s more, our core components-Wannan Motor, is a well-known domestic brand. Slewing supports are from well-known brands in Xuzhou, Jiangsu. Without letting go of any details, one screw is all 8.8 grade high strength.

Each product has undergone rigorous design and calculation, and the design is more reasonable.

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About Damo

Damo is an internationally renowned manufacturer of amusement equipment. Customers are spread all over the world. Every customer who cooperates with us is very satisfied with our products. They think that the cost performance is high and the quality is guaranteed, and they have gradually become us. Old customers, they also introduced us to many new customers, achieving a win-win result.

Damo has its own design team and skilled workers. These employees have many years of manufacturing experience and have strict requirements on details. Each processing step is strictly in accordance with the processing requirements. As a leading manufacturer in the entertainment industry, the quality of Damo is strictly controlled, and we take it seriously in every process. Damo not only produces a variety of amusement facilities, but also undertakes the planning and design of large-scale playgrounds, and the customization of indoor scenes are our characteristics.

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