Amazing Jump and Smile 36P Ride

Amazing Jump and Smile 36P Ride

  • Size:D13m*H5m
  • Covered Area: 15m*15m
  • Capacity:36persons
  • Power:80KW
  • Voltage:380V
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The jump and smile rides are also called mega bounce ride, as one of the popular fairgrounds rides with rotating and jumping features in the amusement parks, theme parks, funfair, and other entertainment places. It is also one of the attractive thrill rides recognized in the world. Based on the traditional model of jump and smile ride, we also design and manufacture a new model of techno jump ride with an airplane cockpit.

Jump and Smile

The techno jump ride is a kind of large outdoor playground equipment, it is a type of self-control rides, similar to the movement of self-control airplane, but there is still some difference when the equipment is normally running, the cabins fixed on the big arms rise up and down regularly.

As a professional and leading manufacturer in the amusement industry, our quality is strictly controlled, and we are serious in each process. The amusement equipment is made up of Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic(FRP), steel, and electrical components, let’s see what we use in each part.

Jump and Smile FRP Making Process

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Painting Process

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Jump and Smile Ride