Macarons Carousel Rides

Macarons Carousel Rides

  • Model: D-CC-26 D-CC-13 D-CC-8
  • Voltage: 380v 380v 380v
  • Power: 10kw 3kw 0.75kw
  • Capacity: 26P 12P-13P 6P-8P
  • Diameter: 8.25m 4.8m 2.2m
  • Height: 6.6m 3.3m-4.5m 2.8m
  • Area size: φ10m φ6.8m φ4.2m
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Macarons carousel is the 2019 new coming design, Mixed the crown with the carousel. Beautiful and luxurious.

There are 8 seats, 12/13 seats, 26 seats for choice, meet the indoor and outdoor requests for the carousel.

The paint colors can be customized. And the macaron colors are warmly welcomed by all over the world. 

new design carousel supplier in China

Our company is a professional manufacture of amusement rides, we provide carousel merry go round can be customized according to customer’s request, whatever color or appearance design, so if you have any idea about your purchasing carousel merry go round, please let us know, we will discuss the possibility, and provide you the best products. We own factories in XingYang, Henan province. There are hundreds of workers and tens of designers, all of our staff welcome your visiting and field investigation.

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Fiberglass Making Process

High quality amusement rides
High quality amusement rides
High quality amusement rides

Painting Process

Macarons Carousel Rides