Great 24 Seats Carousel Rides

Great 24 Seats Carousel Rides

Voltage: 380V/220V

Power: 15.5kw

Size: Dia.9.5*6.7m

Running height: 1.4m

Running speed: 4r/min

Area: Dia.11m

Capacity: 24 persons

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24 Seats Carousel Definition

24 seats carousel, namely: 24 horses, one horse is one seat. The 24 seats carousel horses and decorations are made of FRP material, which is environmentally friendly, safe, corrosion-resistant and stable. The soothing rotation speed and soft jumping range of 24 seats carousel, combined with the dynamic music, enable the passengers to relax while enjoying the beautiful scenery. We can also design and manufacture different types of carousel rides according to the different needs of customers at the same time. The quality is reliable, and the price is very reasonable.

The merry go round ride aims to make the carousel riders experience the real feeling of galloping. There are many different carousel names like galloper, jumper flying horses, etc. Together with the Ferris wheel, they have been regarded as the classic amusement attractions in the amusement parks.

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 24 Seats Carousel for Sale in Damo

24 seats carousel sells very well over the world. Its color and appearance can be customized according to the clients’ requirements. Carousels, popular as Ferris wheels, are often seen in amusement parks and theme parks. Families all like it, for it can give them big pleasure.

If you have any special demand for the color or specification, please advise us, so we can check how to make it and customize the 24 seats carousel for you. And We will quote you with the best price base on your selection and demand.

How Carousel Makes its Improvements

In the 18th century, steam engines were widely used, and the steam age came, and knights gradually withdrew from the stage of history. However, the Trojan horse game equipment without horse legs has continued to grow and develop under the impetus of the steam age.

The symbol of the steam age is the steam engine invented by Watt. The previous carousel needed manpower or horsepower to drive it, but the times have changed. In the 19th century, the first steam-driven carousel appeared in a bazaar. It was no longer used for riding training, but evolved into a popular and civilian entertainment facility.

The 19th century was a critical period for the United States to develop into an urbanized society. This period was also the peak period of immigration in American history.
A large number of European immigrants poured into the North American continent, and the wave of immigration sent a large number of labor to the United States, and also brought rich cultural heritage.

Many factories that make carousels in Europe have also flooded into the United States with the wave of immigration, and carousels have begun to thrive here. In addition to bringing the merry-go-round into the entertainment life of the American people, the craftsmen who carve the merry-go-round ushered in a creative era of contention among a hundred schools of thought.

24 seats carousel rides for sale

Fiberglass Making Process

24 seats carousel materials used are made from 196 epoxy craft resin +04 platinum fabric. In order to make the details of FRP perfectly, we all adopt the traditional manual grinding method. It took 8 hours to make a fiberglass reinforced plastic model. Usually, polishing one set of 16 seat carousel will take 26 days. We not only compare the thickness but also toughness.

We all use the national standard steel, and all electrical components are from listed company Chint Electric. What’s more, our core components-Wannan Motor, is a well-known domestic brand. Slewing supports are from well-known brands in Xuzhou, Jiangsu. Without letting go of any details, one screw is all 8.8 grade high strength.

Each 24 seats carousel has undergone rigorous design and calculation, and the design is more reasonable.

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Painting Process

The main body of 24 seats carousel is made of steel, and the horses are made of glass fiber reinforced plastic. It has the characteristics of environmental protection, safety, corrosion resistance, and good stability. It can be customized according to the site conditions. Carousel specifications: 8 seats, 12 seats, 16 seats, 24 seats, 36 seats; according to the degree of decoration can be divided into the simple carousel, mid-luxury carousel and luxurious carousel. According to the transmission mode, it can be divided into the lower transmission and upper transmission.

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Mechanical Transmission Process

low price

About Damo

Damo is an internationally renowned manufacturer of amusement equipment. Customers are spread all over the world. Every customer who cooperates with us is very satisfied with our products. They think that the cost performance is high and the quality is guaranteed, and they have gradually become us. Old customers, they also introduced us to many new customers, achieving a win-win result.

Damo has its own design team and skilled workers. These employees have many years of manufacturing experience and have strict requirements on details. Each processing step is strictly in accordance with the processing requirements. As a leading manufacturer in the entertainment industry, the quality of Damo is strictly controlled, and we take it seriously in every process. Damo not only produces a variety of amusement facilities, but also undertakes the planning and design of large-scale playgrounds, and the customization of indoor scenes are our characteristics.