Affordable New 40P Caribbean Pirate Ship for Sale

Affordable New 40P Caribbean Pirate Ship for Sale

Capacity: 40P

Speed: 420m/min

Rotary: Dia 12m

Swing: degree 55°/60°

Power: 11kw 37kw

Area size: 14m*8m 8m*24m

Height: 8m, 14.5m

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Quality Black Pearl Pirate Ship Ride for Sale

When it comes to Pirate ship ride, it is a very classic type of amusement park rides based on the Pirate Ships. It consists of an open hanging back and forth Gondola shaped like a large boat (usually in the style of a pirate ship). With the Viking pirate ship ride swing at an angle, it brings people to an amazing experience of thrill.

Recently, the pirate ship for sale manufacturers creates many features of high-imitated themes Pirate Boat rides, reflecting concepts such as Pirates of the Caribbean or the Viking period. With its outstanding visual impact, the experience of thrills and spills, it has become a popular landmark and deeply loved by tourists of all ages at numerous parks around the world.

DAMO’s new pirate ship for sale is like Jack’s Black Pearl pirate ship sailing in the Caribbean Sea. This new customized Black Pearl pirate ship for sale will make you like a captain who is always ready to fight, and a sailor who looks into the distance.

Advantages of Black Pearl Pirate Ship for Sale

We use the best quality material through national certification. Advanced environmental protection paint technology. Our designs are the latest and very popular with tourists. DAMO provides high-quality pirate ship rides, affordable, suitable for your amusement park of various types, both thrilling and exciting swing ship, make theme parks more interesting Children and adults are very happy in your amusement rides and parks.

  • The pirate ship’s body is painted with airbrush in modern style with colors particularly nice during the sunshine or under artificial light.
  • Color: we adopt the gel coat which is imported from Germany and is not easy to fade away.
  • Superior performance, high quality, reliable, and secure. Black Pearl pirate ship for sale ride is driven by an electrical motor and the run is motorized to ensure the riders’ safety.
  • Fast delivery and convenient transportation: get your order when you need it.
  • Standard exporting packages, Different products in different containers. First Nonwoven cloth packing bubbles, main parts use wood and iron stand package, then fixed in the container.
  • Testing report according to customer requirements: ISO9001, CE, SASO(Saber, Newer name in 2020).
  • Competitive price without our own factory, customized products available based on customers’ detailed requirements.

Experience of New Pirate Ship for Sale

When the pirate ship starts, it slowly swings slowly from the slow swing. The tourists ride on the pirate ship, and with the slow and violent repeated swing, it is like being in the sea of stormy waves, sometimes rushing into the wave peaks, sometimes falling into the bottom, thrilling, challenging the limits of people’s psychological endurance, interesting and exciting, beautiful appearance, deeply loved by tourists. Do you like it? Yes, it is so fun. 

Best place to experience pirates of the Caribbean Black Pearl Pirate Ship for Sale.

Pirate ship for sale

Best Pirate Ship for Sale at Affordable Prices:

  • The new 40-seat pirate ship for sale has stable performance, fine workmanship, and a fashionable atmosphere. It integrates specially decorated with gorgeous lighting and exciting music.
  • Can be customized according to customer requirements.
  • Lower maintenance and longer service life.
the black pearl pirates of the caribbean

Damo has a variety of designs according to children’s interests and psychology, with more cartoon characters and colorful paintings, children can have fun and arouse their interest in new things. It is more convenient and more interesting than other common amusement facilities. Authentic feeling, high imitation of the real pirate ship, just like when they play in the Pirate Ship Adventure world or Pirate ship Wonderland.

Where to Buy Pirate Ship Rides?

Damo is a famous amusement equipment manufacturer and supplier in China, with mature experience in the design and production of amusement equipment. Damo products are export to many overseas countries. For example, the United States, the United Kingdom, Uzbekistan, Russia, Nigeria, South Africa, Indonesia, the Philippines, India, and other countries and regions. But we will give you a big discount and look forward to your future work. Besides making its own rides, Damo also produces adventure rides, family rides, children rides, indoor rides, and other rides. Various products can better meet the different needs of customers.

Damo has its own factory and equipment showroom where customers can see and buy off-the-shelf goods. Welcome to Damo to visit and buy self-made amusement facilities and other new amusement facilities. Damo service concept is the best service, high quality, and best price. 

As a professional and leading manufacturer in the amusement industry, our quality is strictly controlled, and we are serious in each process. Let’s see what we use in each part.

Materials Of Pirate Ship for Sale Rides

The Viking ship ride will fully arouse the kids’ innocence of interest. The decorative FRP accessories are painted by a special-assigned person with art skills, full of imagination. As a leading pirate ship for sale manufacturer and provider in China, DAMOKQ Group strives to offer customers higher quality and service.

low price
Professional Mechanical Instruction
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FRP Making for Pirate Ship for Sale
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Use and Maintenance Of Pirate Ship for Sale

Firstly, for mechanical system, park owner should regularly check propeller strut, hanging system, and middle wire rope and other fasteners whether they are loose as well as the pressure bar whether it is normal;  grease bearing on propeller strut, and bearing on the driving system every half a month; check welding seam of bull connecting plate, hanger, and support every month; paint the whole Viking ship ride for sale every year to prevent rust.

Secondly, as to the power system, the park manager should maintain and care air compressor and motor according to specifications; maintain pneumatic components, and inspect the pneumatic pipes. If any leakage or damage, repair or change the pipe. Also, park owners need to lubricate the driving system and all activity points to keep them in a good performance; examine the wear pattern of the driving wheel and braking wheel.

Finally, as for the electrical system, the park owner or new amusement ride buyer needs to go overpower supply input wire and leading-in wire. If any damage or looseness, notify a full-time electrician to maintain it; test insulation resistance of each motor every half a year. Insulation resistance should not be less than 1 MΩ.

Test protective earthing resistance of power distribution cabinet and console every half a year, not more than 10Ω. Review the main power distribution cabinet and console periodically so as to ensure there is no dust and dirt. Buttons on console panel and relevant signboard need to be intact, flexible, and reliable. Ride on the pirate ship is a favorable amusement ride item for kids and parents. If you want to buy a pirate ship for sale rides or know pirate ship rides prices, you could contact DAMO Company at any time.

Are you interested in Corsair amusement parks? Damo offers 12 seats, 24 seats, 40 seats, Mini Pirate Ship for sale Carnival, and so on, factory direct supply contact. Damo gives you the lowest price, now, hurry up!

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