Great Self-control Dumbo the Flying Elephant Rides

Great Self-control Dumbo the Flying Elephant Rides

Total Height: 7m

Diameter: 9m

Covered Area: 11m

Cabin Number: 8 pieces

Capacity: 16 persons

Power: 11KW

Voltage: 380V

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Self-control Flying Elephant Definition

Self-control Flying Elephant is a type of self-control aircraft that rotates around a vertical axis, produced by the big screen amusement equipment. Passengers can autonomously control the lift during the play, which is interesting and more challenging. It is designed to give tourists the ability to autonomously control, showing the charm of the new product.

Shenzhou Flying Elephant Application

Shenzhou Flying Elephant, as a new product in amusement equipment, has been widely recognized in the market and is deeply loved by families with children. Big screen amusement has explored the market, and in accordance with the needs of tourists, innovated in products, the grasp of colors is more delicate, and the control of materials is stricter. With the gradual liberalization of the market, the sales of equipment have gradually increased.

At present, our equipment is almost everywhere in the world. As a product of the same type, the Snoopy flying chair has also received unanimous praise. At present, many playgrounds are equipped with this type of equipment. Although the area is small, it can attract the attention of many tourists, especially young people.

self-control flying elephant

4 Advantages of Shenzhou Flying Elephant for Sale 

Compared with other similar equipment, Flying Elephant has many outstanding features:

1. The equipment foundation is located in the center of the circular water tank, and the engine room is placed above the annular water surface. When the equipment is running, several fountains arranged around the foundation spray various types of water curtains at the same time, forming a colorful halo under the sun, the sun is reflected in the mist, the rainbow is in the clouds, and the tourists are swaying in the mist. Flying around like a god.

2. There are many kinds of colorful decorations, mainly including decorative big gears, small windmills, small mice, etc. The lifting of the big arm drives the big gears to rotate slowly, the equipment drives eight windmills to rotate, and the little mouse on the top of the center nods to the tourists. But there is no shadow of everyone, very cute and affectionate.

3. The eight-seat cockpit cartoon elephant is beautiful and elegant. They jump and walk on the water and are very popular among children. The amusement device belongs to a self-control aircraft amusement machine that rotates around a vertical axis. Passengers can independently control the lift, which is very interesting and has a certain stimulating effect. It is suitable for most young and old people and is especially popular with children.

4. Vivid appearances have won the kids’ heart. The product is safe and comfortable.

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Mechanical Transmission Process

Shenzhou Flying Elephant Material

The materials we use are all internationally certified high-quality materials that do not exist any harmful substance. For example, the paint we use is from a big painting company with no harm and the paint is less stimulating.

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Precautions for Flying Elephant Equipment

1. When the device console is activated, passengers must put their glasses, wallets, mobile phones, cameras and other carry-on items in lockers or put them in safekeeping to avoid losing them during the experience. 

2. Obey the instructions of the staff, take the seat in an orderly manner, do not enter the turntable without authorization, do not change the seat without authorization after you are seated, and the equipment and other security personnel can check before the operation.

3. Before running the machine, the staff have to check every circle of the start, and make sure there is no problem. Especially kids’ belts, are always easily ignored. Parents should keep their kids company in case they are terrified.

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