Excellent Skynet Bumper Cars

Excellent Skynet Bumper Cars

  • Voltage: 48V
  • Power: 230W
  • Size: 1.925m*1.1m*0.9m
  • Capacity: 2 persons
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Skynet Bumper Cars For Sale

Bumper cars are a kind of mobile game facility. The equipment includes bumper cars and a level field. Bumper cars are divided into Skynet bumper cars: there is an electrified grid on the ceiling; ground-net bumper cars: energize through the floor at the point; battery bumper cars: a bumper car has built-in batteries and can drive when fully charged. Professional amusement bumper cars use glass fiber reinforced plastic rapeseed, usually two people at most, there are amusement pedals for acceleration and a steering wheel.

Skynet bumper cars work with ceiling net and armor plate floor. The anode is in the ceiling and the cathode is on the floor, the ceiling made by iron wire net or complete steel plate.

skynet bumper cars

Skynet Bumper Cars Working Principle

The power supply of the Skynet bumper car is also called ground network power supply: a power supply network composed of strips of block conductors. A large enough insulating board is arranged with several conductive strips. The electrical polarity of adjacent conductive strips is the opposite. The bars are connected to the same-named end of the power supply in an appropriate way. When an object moves freely in the power supply network, it can draw electrical energy or electrical signals from the power supply network through a sliding contact group. This block-shaped power supply network can be directly applied to power bumper cars in amusement parks.

In the Skynet bumper car activity place using this power supply method, the ground does not need to be covered with steel plates, and ordinary ground can be used directly. The rules of the bumper car game are: the driver strives to complete the circle in the field as soon as possible, and can run rampant on the way to knock the opponent’s car away. When the time is up, the operator turns off the power when the game is over. The speed of bumper cars is usually very slow, even if it is a collision, it will not harm people and cars. The earliest bumper cars appeared in the 1910s.

Main Advantages of Damo Skynet Bumper Cars

1. The cost of investment is very low, there is no need for a specific site.

2. High return in a short time.

3. Accept customization.

4. Environmental friendly materials and diverse colors

5. Damo products are exported to many overseas countries. For example, the United States, the United Kingdom, Uzbekistan, Russia, Nigeria, South Africa, Indonesia, the Philippines, India, and other countries and regions.

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Are Skynet Bumper Cars Safe?

Our company has full confidence in the quality of our products. Every procedure is strictly required. We have adult bumper cars and children bumper cars. Children’s dodgem is a low-speed fitting age of 5 to 15 riders. Our products all have safety belts to guarantee safety. Younger children need to be accompanied by their parents.

Damo uses the best quality FRP through national certification. Advanced environmental protection paint technology. Damo design is the latest and very popular with tourists. But we will give you a big discount and look forward to your future work.

Skynet Bumper Cars Productive Process

First of all, there are three layers of an 8mm car grade rubber tire. The tyre is strong sealing and durable, anti-corrosion, prevent bask, acidic and alkaline resistance, and anti-aging. Second, the cushion. Flexible PU Skin has good toughness, it is not easy to scratch. It has no smell and can withstand high temperatures without breaking. Third, the conductive floor. The floor shall be welded 2.5 centimeters for every 20 centimeters, welding height 3mm. It has splicing for collision prevention. Last, Light RTM molding process of FRP. It has high hardness good load-bearing, good collision resistance. Automobile grade baking process, shelf-life more than 8 years.

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About Damo

Damo is an internationally renowned manufacturer of amusement equipment. Customers are spread all over the world. Every customer who cooperates with us is very satisfied with our products. They think that the cost performance is high and the quality is guaranteed, and they have gradually become us. Old customers, they also introduced us to many new customers, achieving a win-win result.

Damo has its own design team and skilled workers. These employees have many years of manufacturing experience and have strict requirements for details. Each processing step is strictly in accordance with the processing requirements. As a leading manufacturer in the entertainment industry, the quality of Damo is strictly controlled, and we take it seriously in every process. Damo not only produces a variety of amusement facilities, but also undertakes the planning and design of large-scale playgrounds, and the customization of indoor scenes are our characteristics.