Water Games Shark Island

Water Games Shark Island

  • Power: 8KW
  • Diameter:12.5m
  • Total height: 6m
  • Capacity:24 Persons
  • Area Covered:14m
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“Fighting Shark Island” is a new type of rotating amusement equipment.

The device can take 16-24 people and use the water gun on the spaceship to shoot the target on Shark Island. When the target is hit, it will take various actions such as spraying water and raising hands, with a lovely posture and strong fun.

water games shark island

The Mr. Shark, who is in the center, will also spray the water column after being shot, and attack the tourists so that the tourists can devote themselves wholeheartedly and enjoy the fun. This is an amusement device with a strong sense of participation, suitable for all ages.

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Fiberglass Making Process

sharl island
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water games

Painting Process

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Mechanical Transmission Process

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Water Games Shark Island