Crazy Wipeout Ride-Thrill Rides for Sale

Crazy Wipeout Ride-Thrill Rides for Sale

Power 67.5kw

Height 5m

Swing diameter 11.8m

Area 14*16m

Capacity 32 persons

Voltage: 380V 50hz

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Wipeout ride is a piece of new thrilling amusement equipment developed by our company. During the operation, the passengers sit in the cockpit and rotate around the middle of the phoenix. People are like waves rising and falling and screaming constantly. At the dawn of the night, the gorgeous Dapeng is equipped with a colorful background wall, and the dynamic music instantly drives the passengers’ shouts, attracting the attention of tourists and increasing the passenger flow.

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wipeout ride is a gyro-type inspection-free amusement machine developed by our company that integrates a variety of movement forms such as rotation, lifting, and variable inclination. The tower rises slowly, and the cockpit is wavy. Tourists are like flying, floating, and thrilling in the air. It is one of the preferred projects of standard theme parks or modern playgrounds.

Crazy Wipeout Ride

if you have any idea, please let us know, we will discuss the possibility, and provide you the best products. We own factories in XingYang, Henan province. There are hundreds of workers and tens of designers, all of our staff welcome your visiting and field investigation. Just contact us for more information.

Crazy Wipeout Ride Making Process

High quality amusement rides
High quality amusement rides
High quality amusement rides

Painting Process

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