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Voltage: 380V

Power: 11KW

Cabin Number: 16pcs

Passenger Number: 16person

Diameter: 8m

Total Height: 4m


Robocop is my company in 2020 launched a new amusement equipment, it was improved on the basis of thunderbolt turntable to upgrade a new playground equipment. Equipment 8 meters in diameter, voltage is 380 v, 11 kw power, at a height of 4 meters. Passengers can reach 16 people, the entire device magnificent momentum, won the praise in the industry at home and abroad. The entire market revolution is integrated with the cockpit rotation on the device. Adventure, excitement, all kinds of experience in one. The lights on the equipment, shaped like spaceships, are the stars of the playground.

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Robocop is a new amusement equipment in the scenic area, with a simple and fashionable appearance. With the operation of the equipment, the cockpit also starts to rotate and keeps turning until it rotates 360 degrees, instantly giving tourists a tremendous shock and excitement, which is a pleasure that many equipment cannot give.

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How Much is Damo Robocop?

1. Robocop is a new product developed by Damo company; novel design; Damo robocop is best.

2. Robocop is equipped with seat belts. Good safety performance.

3. Low investment, high rate of return.

4. Damo is a professional amusement equipment company, has its own factory. Damo location superior, the environment is beautiful. Damo company close to the international airport, so the exit is convenient.

5. Damo has abundant experiences and gains a high evaluation.

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Company Advantages:

Damo company produces various types of amusement facilities with beautiful appearance and high playing value. We develop new products to increase tourists' sense of freshness and experience and create a unique amusement park. Damo products have constantly won high praise from customers. Our service philosophy is to think from the perspective of customers and try to make rides that satisfy customers.

As the professional amusement park manufacturer in China, Damo supplies hot selling park rides in many countries and areas, like the South Africa, Nigeria, Chile, Indonesia, India, Uzbekistan, Russia, Romania, US and so on. The ride is a great attraction with a reasonable prices which can move freely in the shopping mall, amusement parks, zoo, museum, and other entertainment places. It can attract many people to enter in your business, so it is and ideal selection for the playground. 

 Fiberglass Making Process


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tagada rides of sale

tagada rides of sale


Painting Process

tagada rides of sale


Mechanical Transmission Process

tagada rides of sale

tagada rides of sale


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Please Feel free to give your inquiry in the form below.We will reply you in 24 hours.

Leaving a message

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