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Quality Extreme Thrill Ride Daytona Slingshot Ride for SaleQuality Extreme Thrill Ride Daytona Slingshot Ride for SaleQuality Extreme Thrill Ride Daytona Slingshot Ride for Sale
Quality Extreme Thrill Ride Daytona Slingshot Ride for SaleQuality Extreme Thrill Ride Daytona Slingshot Ride for SaleQuality Extreme Thrill Ride Daytona Slingshot Ride for Sale

Quality Extreme Thrill Ride Daytona Slingshot Ride for Sale

Height: 24m/28m
Working Height: 32m/36m
Power: 15KW/15KW
Area Size: 15*25m/15*28m
Capacity: 2P/2P
Install Type: Fixed/Non-foundation

Product Description

The Slingshot ride is extremely popular in the replacement of traditional trampoline. It also has many available names that: slingshot, bungee rocket, ejection seat, human slingshot bungee, reverse bungee, reverse-bungee catapult ride, and catapult bungee, etc. The bungee rocket ride is known as one of the most thrilling vertical amusement rides around the world. Naturally, slingshot could be found at major theme parks and small fairground everywhere. It consists of a two-person ride vehicle that is suspended between two gantry towers and is launched into the air using elastic potential energy. The passengers can experience the overweight and weightless experience while still being rushed with the cockpit. During the landing process, there is no regular rotation before and after, and you can enjoy the unparalleled thrilling experience and sensory shock.

Are slingshot rides safe?

Slingshot does a new coming amusement ride, it is famous by the thrill and welcomed by young people and close friends. So, the Slingshot ride is difficult to achieve with other amusement equipment and is favored by those who are brave enough to challenge themselves.

The first slingshot rides were popularized in the early 1990s and relied on reverse-bungee technology to propel passengers upwards. These rides used elastic ropes to connect the ride vehicle to the towers. The ropes would be tensioned with the vehicle being held in place on the ground, and the vehicle would be then be released, launching riders in a similar fashion to an actual slingshot. These reverse bungee rides can still be found in operation today, and they are popular among traveling carnivals due to their simple technology and ease of transportation. The safety of these rides can be questionable, however, and a number of accidents have been reported over the years, some of which resulted in the deaths of passengers. In recent years, safer and more reliable slingshot rides have been developed which use spring propulsion systems and steel cables instead of elastic ropes. It is more shocking, stimulating, and safe now.

How fast is the slingshot ride?


Here is a slingshot in Cedar Point's Slingshot video. It launches the rider up to a height of 110 meters at a maximum speed of 100 km/h. Many guys passing out on this funny thrill funny slingshot ride. Really, it is a big challenge for me in this ride. Would you wanna try that once?

How slingshot rides work?

Indoor & Outdoor Playground Equipment Manufacturer & Supplier in China-Damo

Here are the slingshot ride working details

Where do they have a slingshot ride?

Damo team is facing global customers’ quotations and orders. For now, Damo has helped many clients to build their amusement park and small fairground. Like Pakistan, Nigeria, and Saudi Arabia, etc.

Unforgettable Experience on Reverse Bungee Seats


Damo new reverse-bungee catapult ride can launch riders to air of 32m or 36m from ground level in seconds. Riders could experience several senses of overweight and weightlessness during the up and down bungee experience. At the top of the springing, riders can feel a sense of weightlessness. After bouncing up and down for several minutes, during the bouncing motions, the capsule also flips, so riders may feel dizzy except thrilling feels. Although the whole ride is about 5 minutes, for many riders who are scared, they would scream crazy last for years and some guys would pass out. While for riders with lion ambition, it is just an enjoyable time in the air.

Simple as it is, Damo bungee rocket seat could bring an extraordinary experience to riders and are highly sought after by seasonal thrill-seeker. What’s more, slingshot ride is often an additional charge attraction in theme and amusement parks.

The requirement for Riding Slingshot

  1. People who have heart problems or other diseases cannot allow riding the bungee slingshot.
  2. Riders should obey the instructions carefully.
  3. To safely operate the ride, two riders are necessary.
  4. At least three conductors are needed, with one operating the ride, while the other two check the loading and unloading of passengers.
  5. Do not unlock the riders immediately when the capsule is lowered to the ground.
  6. Do not operate the ride in bad weather conditions.

How much does a slingshot ride cost?

Damo is a top manufacturer and supplier of amusement park rides in China, providing a variety of indoor playground equipment, amusement park rides, and more indoor playground for ages, budgets. Due to the high quality and reasonable prices, its theme park rides have been exported to customers all over the world and have won the recognition of our customers. For the reverse bungee rides, Damo offers two kinds of slingshot rides; one is stationary while the other is moveable. As for the quality, we pay great attention to high quality and safety as you are. So all parts of Damo reverse bungee rides are built with top quality materials and advanced technologies. When it comes to prices, please hit Damo up with any questions or quotations. We're looking forward to providing you optimization service! You will not be regretting to contact Damo team for inquiring about any other amusement rides price. We will never compromise quality for prices. And we do offer your competitive prices for we want to establish long term business relationship with you.

With relatively small footprints, Damo slingshot ride is suitable for the theme amusement parks, squares, fairgrounds, carnivals, and funfairs. Reverse bungee ride is one of the most valuable investments you can make to your amusement rides businesses.

Mechanical Transmission Process

Professional producer

Professional producer





Working Height






Area Size






Install Type




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